Hanma Baki Son of Ogre Chapter 312 (The End)

Hanma Baki Son of Ogre Chapter 312 (The End)

Its here, this feels like an ending doesnt it. Read it and see what we mean, the story has come to an end. We personally dont AGREE with the way this ends. We dont feel like this is the way it should have went but hey this is the writers decision and we will honor it. We do get why he did it, but its just so … Aw well just read it and tell us what you think.

Hanma Baki Son of Ogre Chapter 312 – The Conclusion

So thanks to the wonderful Mr. Max we have found our new Manga Reader and WE like it, so find all the chapters here


And now that the end is here, we will commit ourselves to filling in the missing chapters. We promise you, that Hanma Baki Son of Ogre will become complete.

  • Max

    Will be waiting for that :D

  • Nicholas

    That was awesome! After reading all the chapters available from New Grappler Baki and Baki: Son of Ogre, I feel like another great series ended. But I have to agree that this conclusion wasn’t the best way to end the series.

  • Cowboy champloo

    What the fuck is this.!!!!

  • Chris

    I enjoyed the entire serious but It should not end this way. The fans of this great serious and even baki should get to know if he will ever defeat his father. Also, I would have loved for pickle and yujiro to go at it as well. We deserve to know who is the strongest. Plus, I dont recall baki unleashing the demon on his baki. He must be incredibly strong

  • T.J.

    I feel like it ended too suddenly. I don’t really care that neither of them were knocked out or killed and I think it’s great that they became buddies and all like a real father and son should. (at least in mine and my fathers relationship). The fact is I would like to know what Baki will do from this point on. Quit fighting to lead a normal life? Train with Yujiro and become stronger? Laugh at Kosue for dating a loser or what? I don’t know and that’s what kills me. I thoroughly enjoyed reading these series and want to thank spinyback for all the work and effort they’ve put into this. You guys rock!

  • Yong

    I thought there was one more chapter left is this really the end? If so I don’t really get it

  • Bright

    Thanks guys! Much appreciated.

  • http://www.spinybackwebdesign.com vinovenitas

    yeah we dont really get it either, this WHOLE fight was just to show that he has become AS strong as his dad. Meaning there might come another series … we hope so.

    But this ending was just blegh in our opinion.

  • http://www.spinybackwebdesign.com vinovenitas

    And as for the translating, you guys are welcome. We arent done yet, but we love the fact that you guys appreciate it

  • Jaleel

    I’ve mixed emotions about this ending. This is my FAVORITE manga out of all the others. Truth be told I was expecting a much more bloody/gore ending with Baki standing over the Ogre in victory and all that. But I can’t say I’m disappointed with how Keisuke ended it, all I can say is I’m please that Baki’s finally recognized as the strongest creature alive by both the world and the Ogre!!!
    GREAT JOB!!!!!!!

  • Ayoof

    Thanks + THANKS for promising to complete Son Of Ogre in english!!!

  • Cowboy champloo

    How can people be saying this is good??? This ending betrayed the whole spirit of the manga. Can somebody explain how Baki is the strongest creature now,besides Yujiro saying it. I saw the whole fight Baki lost. Now at the very end they both go of on a silly shadow eating tangent. Weak way for one of the best ever battle mangas to end. Did they really do the predator bro fist at the end?really

  • http://www.spinybackwebdesign.com vinovenitas

    hahahahahah thank you, you voiced it so well hahhhahah

  • Robko

    First thank you so much for the scanlation of such a great ride of a serie.

    I agree, the ending is a half disapointment to me, it is obvious from all the fight that Baki despite trying his best couldn’t win.
    It’s logical considering nothing that Baki has done is as amazing as what the author made Yujiro did through the whole complete serie.

    I can understand his father being impressed by how far he went, but i don’t see why out of nowhere the Ogre is saying that Baki is the strongest creature alive, he’s stronger than anyone, but Yujiro is still on a whole other level.

    Has he forgotten in a previous chapter that he could see how Baki is so wounded internally by their fight that it’s only because it’s a manga that Baki isn’t dying.

    But the good part of the ending for me is the very last page, the hand shaking that is a great sight and the part when Baki admit his defeat.

    But overall what a ride it was.

  • Baki The Unsatisfied Son

    This was NOT one of the endings I was expecting. The author pulled a Mass Effect on us! There are so many unanswered questions and the ending seems so rushed that I imagined the author was being threatened by a Yakuza to end the series with a 8 guns pointed at his head while he drew and wrote it.

    The ending sends out a feeling that the author simply said “I’m tired, so I’ll just do this lazy-assed and be over with it.” Was he trying to go for a dramatic ending? In my opinion he failed so heavily. All the drama is only coming from unsatisfied fans. I can’t believe this author killed his own “baby” like how Yujiro was shown kicking a baby.

    Why do a lot of epic end with a whimper these days?

    I really hope the author continues Baki somehow.

  • http://www.spinybackwebdesign.com vinovenitas

    you are welcome, we do it because we love Baki as well. And yeah, accepting it is the best thing to do. And dont forget the ride isnt over yet … there are still a BUNCH of chapters missing

  • http://www.spinybackwebdesign.com vinovenitas

    hahahahah lol that funny, I can just see him sitting there drawing while the yakuza point their guns lol … its really sad that THAT is funny but hey

  • Killer_of_Trolls

    According to what you guys wrote on the previous ch, there were supposed to be 2 left for the actual end. soooo.. –I am guessing one down, and one to go–. I know you guys are keeping up, so I don’t need to remind you, and you are probably working one getting the rest translated. Thanks you for all the much appreciated work, I pray for your prosper, richness, & happiness.

  • http://www.gip.co.th The Fuhrer

    Hey Guys!!

    First of all, please let me thank you very much to you guys at spineyback for such a hard and fantastic works on the Baki Series. Really appreciate it!! Looking forward to see the missing chapters soon. Please keep up your noble works!!

    But talk about this is the last chapter…. Hmm..Well, if this for real then I must ask Mr.Keisuke with the same question which Yujiro has asked Baki in the final page of Chapter311….”What The HELL Are You Doing!!??”… If this is the best last chapter that he can come up with then, he really had betrayed all these years that I have been followed this serie entirely!! What’s the point of bringing Retzu Keio to the boxing ring for? And why should he came up with that “Bolt” character? All for nothing? Come on Keisuke!! Get Real!!

  • Tygalevel

    Wtf?! Really come on i wasted all this fecking time just to see baki flip an imaginary goddamn table what the hell keisuke baki should have released the demon and had yujiro begging him to stop in his advance great story killed by yet another fucked conclusion thanks keisuke for wasting my time

  • aokimasaru

    I think Baki is a reflection of Itagaki himself. Look at their similarities. And that Father and son table eating and flipping scene is an allusion to what he experienced in real life. Maybe he and his father are not in good terms or something…and Itagaki wants a recognition or something(alluded by the scene when Baki cried when his father praised).

    So basically the ending is about getting recognition NOT being the strongest in the world. This is what it meant for Itagaki…IMO probably…

    Sorry for blabbering nonsense because this IMO is the only way to make sense out of the whole manga!!!

  • vinovenitas

    that is a interesting way to look at it

  • fantomcore

    I talked about this ending with my friend, I needed his input, and we both agreed, the ending basically shows that Baki was able to show Yujiro the astral projection technique (making his will manifest itself), with his fighting spirit kicking his father in the head, in return Yujiro showed Baki how skilled he is at doing the same technique, so much so as to show him that he can make soup with this technique and use it for something other than fighting, but also reminded Baki its all imaginary, and in turn Baki flips the imaginary table and makes Yujiro for a brief moment go back on what he just said, and thought this astral projection technique was real, and so he concluded Baki was the strongest and gives him the title as such, because of his concentration of the mind and being able to make Yujiro bend to his will. But then in turn Baki admits defeat in the fight, and so returns that title in essence right back to his father, so in the end Yujiro is still #1, but Baki atleast for that moment was able to reach #1 only to immediately give it up. That’s what we got from it. Kind of a wacky way of ending things, but I guess Yujiro had to remain supreme throughout, and Baki’s victory was more symbolic than literal, being able to surpass his father with the mind, but not the body.

  • http://spinybackwebdesign.com/2012/08/hanma-baki-son-of-ogre-chapter-312-the-end/ Ishimaru

    some people don’t seem to understand the ending
    the ending was a representation of father and son conclusion of the fight
    both were enemies
    both were blood related, father and son
    at this end, yujiro accepted his defeat towards baki, considering baki the strongest
    while baki accepted his defeat towards yujiro while considering yujiro the one who stood up
    your enemy is the most respectable and admirable opponent
    this is bushido.

  • nick

    Man the guy should make a new series continue on Kaioh’s boxing match and how he wins his fights and countinue from the point he is on the plane to go to the big fight where he would fight a whole lot of strong people:P that would epic^w^ this series is one of the best fighting anime that i will ever see in my life learned so much for all the series i would like to thank all of you guys who took the time to translate the chapters to english lol <3 really grateful for that:3 and i would also like to thank the creator who made all this possible. Thank you -w- :)