Hanma Baki Son of Ogre Chapter 312 (The End)

Its here, this feels like an ending doesnt it. Read it and see what we mean, the story has come to an end. We personally dont AGREE with the way this ends. We dont feel like this is the way it should have went but hey this is the writers decision and we will honor it. We do get why he did it, but its just so … Aw well just read it and tell us what you think.

Hanma Baki Son of Ogre Chapter 312 – The Conclusion

So thanks to the wonderful Mr. Max we have found our new Manga Reader and WE like it, so find all the chapters here


And now that the end is here, we will commit ourselves to filling in the missing chapters. We promise you, that Hanma Baki Son of Ogre will become complete.

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