We are back up and fully functional

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We are back up and fully functional

Ok so, I reuploaded and separated SpinyBackManga and SpinyBackWebdesign to different servers. This means that when a site goes down, only one will go down. And I tried to find a server that was secure and helpful. So we should be good right now. If you have any questions feel free to drop them here.

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  • Bullza

    Any idea when the last chapter of Baki Gaiden Kenjin will be put out?

    • As soon as its done being redrawn we will drop it.

  • Bobob101

    It’s nice to have you back! I was wondering, what ever happened to Garouden? Was the manga cancelled or did you guys drop it or what? I’ve read the whole thing so many times and it’s all Itagaki goodness.

  • Anna Pico

    I am happy to see you back up. Where is the donation link? I was going to buy original manga and struggle through (so slow) and my comprehension is not the best.

  • Zynos

    You guys are the best, just started reading the Tough prequel and I know there is a decent amount left but keep up the good work!


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