Ahiru No Sora Chapter 138.1

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Ahiru No Sora Chapter 138.1
Ahiru No Sora Chapter 138.1

Ahiru No Sora Chapter 138.1

This manga always takes up my whole day to translate and typeset. And this one had 54 pages, so I had to break it up into 2. But real quick, the next chapter might just be the last chapter. Because when I started doing this manga, I just wanted to see how the current game would end. And now that we have reached the end Im pretty much good. And since I dont get a lot of feedback on this manga, I dont feel like it will be worth continuing this one. Ill put up the official message on the next Credit page and then we will see what happens. But if nothing happens, like Im expecting it to … then consider the next Ahiru chapter the last one SpinyBack will do. Other than that, just enjoy the chapter and be back Monday for another Tough.

Ahiru No Sora Chapter 138.1

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  • ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    Thanks for the chapter and thanks for give a chance for Ahiru 🙂

    • Hey ¯_(ツ)_/¯ You could be instrested to join our server Discorsd? We have a great community of gamers, the link is on my profile if you wanna to join us. Cheers!

  • blaster42

    Plz don’t drop this manga, I love it

  • Guilherme de Camargo

    I really appreciate your work, Ahiru no Sora was a really great lost gem. This manga suffered a lot in scans in the past, I think it lacks visibility. Have you guys though about putting it on Batoto, maybe? I don’t know, it would draw more attention to it.

  • Bryan Owuor

    I apreciate your work on this manga, pleas don’t drop it this is my second best basketball manga, and it need more love than kuroko no basuke

  • Yusuf

    Please man don’t drop this, such a great manga do not understand why it hasn’t gained much traction yet 🙁
    I hope you guys can keep on scanlating this project

  • Junior Arthur

    I appreciate your hard work, thank you very much. its a great manga, top 3 for best basketball manga easy! Please continue it if you can. God bless.

  • Rizzky

    So how about the update? I think this manga need to be continue 🙁

  • kaio saud

    I love this manga; i hope you can continue this series..


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