Baki Dou Chapter 134

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Baki Dou Chapter 125 ReRelease
Baki Dou Chapter 125 ReRelease

Baki Dou Chapter 134

Thank Mr. Alex for this weeks release. Enjoy.

Baki Dou Chapter 134

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  • Barretto Scans

    Hi dude, i come to help

  • Bullza

    Are you still scanlating?

  • Michael Gazaway

    where is it and when is #135 coming out?

  • Dawg


  • Lightning

  • I’m like Django in this bih

    This is crazy, I donated back in September.

  • hi, what happened to dou?

  • Captain Jack

    Are you dead? because this is ridiculous. You can at least drop in and give a little update. I don’t want to be the guy to say where’s the next chapter and know life can get in the way but come on -_-

  • Dawg

    2 months


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